Back-to-School Apps for ‘Smart’phone Users

As we wean ourselves off of summer, we look towards the approaching school year – and we often see it coming at us in a (quite often expensive) wave of pencils and textbooks and calculators and laptops. As the years go by, it seems more intelligent by the millisecond to exchange all of these potentially-weighty supplies with smartphone apps. If you’ve got an Android, you may want to consider loading it (and thereby lessening the load in your backpack) with four of these Google Play apps that promise to take you to the head of your class:

Math Workout

math workout

Here’s a no brainer: an app that trains your noggin and exercises your mental capacity with fun. Play games (either with yourself or with others) and in the meantime enhance your ability to calculate quickly, practice reasoning and overall enhance your brain functioning. Math Workout is not just great for students, it’s becoming popular with the elderly, too, who know how important it is to sustain mental activity which is believed to slow down some forms of age-related mental illness.  Even the New York Times had something good to say about this app in this article about smartphone math apps. Oh, by the way: it’s free.

StudyBlue Flashcards 

studyblue flashcards

This free online-flashcard creating app is out of this world. Users can pull text and images to create unique flashcards on their smartphones; studying on-the-go (and cramming for the big test) was never so easy. The app also provides study stats and even allows users to collaborate and study with other classmates who also have the app. A “Search” feature allows you to sift through millions of online flashcards created by students around the world for inspiring material.

Miss Spell’s Class 

 miss spells class

Courtesy of, bad spellers can up their game with this app which challenges players to run quickly and accurately through 20 misspelled words and decipher whether or not they are correct. Think about it: not only do students learn how to correctly spell words, but they won’t forget what those words mean, either, since a definition is also provided along with each challenge. The app is free, too.

Class Buddy 

class buddy

Especially apt for frazzled students, Class Buddy is a great app for keeping yourself organized throughout the entire school year, no matter how busy it gets. Users can manage class schedules, keep syllabi in order, document grades, and more. Students can arrange and view information by week, year or semester, too. This app seems to be a the top of its class as it was featured in Android market’s Staff Picks, T-Mobile’s Top Picks and was also Best-rated and Most-satisfied by users. It was also included in AndroidGuys 50 + Essential Android Apps for Back-to-School.

This is just a pinch of the digital ways you can ensure your success in school this year. There are hundreds of back-to-school apps out there, including these, courtesy of Good luck!

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