Five Reasons Why You Should Choose a Marketing Career

why choose a marketing careerWhether you’re a first-time job seeker or considering a change of career there are a multitude of reasons to search for marketing jobs.

The following article is based upon my personal opinion and outlines the key advantages in taking the plunge and jumping into the exciting, competitive world of marketing.

Exciting and Unpredictable

Perhaps the most common complaint echoing around offices across the globe is: “I’m bored”. When you’re expected to spend 7 – 10 hours a day working in an office you cannot underestimate the power and job satisfaction of the unpredictable and the unexpected. Marketing represents a fluid arena where you will be asked to work with constantly changing clients each needing specific treatment. If your role is sales-focused then the challenge will be a more personal one: each pitch, each call made will be to a different person or corporate entity, each representing a different challenge.

Flexibility & Job Satisfaction

‘Marketing’ covers a broad spectrum of roles, including (but not limited to): Analysis, Research, Sales, Branding, Creative Design, Consulting, Management, Promotion… to name but a few. This means the chances of finding a role that suits you are dramatically increased, in turn this will enable you to excel, be satisfied and ultimately – earn more. It is impossible to estimate how many types of company or organisation require marketing personnel; marketing is not just about ‘big business’ and faceless companies. If you’re looking for something that rewards you financially – and spiritually – charitable organisations and public sector departments all need to get their names out there and you could be doing it for them.

Personal Development for the 21st Century

The broad skillset you develop working within the marketing arena will enable you to achieve more success in the future. The age of specialised workers is increasingly being challenged by young, vibrant employees who can apply themselves to a range of roles. This is never truer of Marketing: a field that now relies on networking and promotion through the medium of social-media.


There are many marketing jobs that require you to be responsible to a great extend since you are ultimately responsible for reaching clientele, whether through research, branding, sales or communications. Employers expect you to acquire more clients whilst at the same time, retaining the existing clients. This means that you will have a big responsibility. If you thrive on this, then marketing is the industry for you.


Marketing allows you to be creative and to come up with new strategies that could win over prospective customers. It is perfect for everyone described as a people’s person because it involves a lot of networking and your customer skills have to be in line as well. Anyone who is already involved in advertising or public relations can easily make the transition to marketing. There could be many variations in the sort of work you will do which helps to stave off boredom and keeps you busy.

Marketing can take the form of written material, podcasts, viral-videos, graphic design, physical events etc. As such the ability to be flexible is increasingly the crucial ‘personal currency’ that will enable you to succeed in the 21st century. In these challenging times, a career in Marketing can equip you with the skills you need to not survive, but thrive.

About The Author
Susanna Cha is a recent MSc graduate in International Marketing and is currently writing on behalf of Guardian Jobs including graduate jobs, marketing jobs, fundraising jobs and more.

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