How to Run A Successful Tutoring Business

tutoring businessIn order to run a successful tutoring service you need to do things that will keep your students or clients happy. One way to do this is to show your appreciation for their business by giving them a small gift during special holidays. These gifts need to make sense for the student getting it and they need to be affordable.

Elementary Aged Student Gift Ideas

If you tutor elementary aged students then there are a lot of fun educational gifts that you can give out. Flash cards make great gifts for elementary students. They make great gifts because they are inexpensive, they are age appropriate, they are safe for young students and you can select flash cards for the subject the student is working with you on. You can make the gift extra special by making your own flash cards and giving them out. For example, you can make vocabulary cards and add graphics that your students will enjoy, and then laminate them for extra durability.

High School Aged Students Gift Ideas

The older your students are the more difficult it can be to find a token gift to give out. However, you can find great gifts for students if you just focus on what they are interested in. For example, if you are working with a high school aged student in biology, then you can give them a booklet on biology science fair projects or experiments. On the other hand, if you are working with a student that is having troubles with Algebra, then you can give them a chart or flashcards with algebra formulas and shortcuts.

College Students Gifts Ideas

Since college students tend to pay more for their tutoring sessions then younger students, you will need to spend more on their gifts. Appropriate gifts for this age group include science books, gift certificates and study materials. You can also give them a coupon for a free tutoring session. Merchandise like T-shirts, mugs and mouse pads also go over well with college students. You can order these items through office supply stores and have your company logo imprinted on them.

Adult Student Gift Ideas

If you are working with adult students, such as business professionals, then your gifts will need to be more corporate in nature. Imprinted items like mugs, mouse pads, calendars and the like are all good options for these students. These items, which are sometimes referred to as promotional items, are great because they not only are functional for the gift’s recipient but because they also help to promote your business.

Madeline Binder, the author of this article, suggests as another inexpensive gift idea for your tutoring services business is an ebook that you wrote. It does not have to be long, maybe 10 – 20 pages. Once written you never have to do it again. The book can be tips that will enhance your student’s learning experience. And it costs nothing to give, just attach it in a pdf in a Thank You email!

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