When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Space Man

spacemanWhen you were at school, what were your career aspirations?  Did you get your dream job?  Sadly, most people don’t.

For many people, their aspirations change – dreams of being an explorer “just like Dora”, or joining the army “to be like action man”, are quickly grown out of when the child realizes that they hate Geography, or they just don’t like exercise enough to rough it through basic training.

Even those with more carefully chosen career goals may find that they just aren’t attainable. Some people have the door closed on their ambitions thanks to the cruelty of genetics – finding out that they’re too short or too tall to have a good shot at their chosen career.  For some, poor eyesight is a problem, and for others, a lack of aptitude in their chosen subject means that they’ll never be more than a passionate amateur.

It’s Not All Doom and Gloom

That doesn’t mean that kids should be discouraged from dreaming big.  Pursuing ambitious dreams does pay off, even if it’s sometimes in unexpected ways.  Some people do succeed when they try to become famous actors, athletes, and race-car drivers, and others turn their passion into profitable businesses.

So, next time you meet a child that wants to be a race car driver, or a professional motorcross rider, why not encourage them to pursue activities related to that field.  They could meet team leaders and drivers by helping out at the track.  While they’re young that could just be helping the person strap in to their gear, and fetching refreshments for the mechanics – as they get older they could learn how to be a welder, operate a profile cutter, do body work, or change tyres.  Those skills will pay off in the long run – if they become a successful driver then they’ll be able to help out their team, and if it turns out they don’t get their dream job, they’ll at least be involved in the industry.

The same applies to other fields too – in the games industry, the equivalent of a profile cutter and welder is a 3D modeling package and a programming language.  The games industry is just as competitive as professional sports, but jobs are out there, and someone who has taken the initiative to learn how to make their own models and code their own programs will be in a much better position than someone who has sat around playing games all day.

Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

In today’s difficult economic climate, it’s easy to feel demoralized, but you should never give up on your dreams.  If you’ve always wanted to be an off-shore welder, then you may find it hard to swallow when the only job you can get in time to make your next mortgage payment is an inbound call center job.  Don’t feel too down, though.  You won’t forget how to use a profile cutter overnight!  It’s easier to find a new job while you’re in a job, as you’re proving that you’re dedicated, hard working, and employable.  Keep trying, and one day you will achieve your dreams.

About The Author
This article was written by Amy Fowler. When Amy was a child she wanted to be a pilot and then a vet. She’s not either.

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