4 Ways Earning a PhD Can Advance Your Career

phd careersIf you are considering going back to school to obtain your PhD, there are some benefits to doing so.

There are four ways that a PhD can further your career regardless of the field in which you currently work.

Become Eligible for New Positions

First, once you obtain a PhD, you will be able to apply for different positions than you aren’t currently able to now. Some positions require applicants to have a PhD to even be considered for the job. Employers know and respect the amount of time, energy, and work PhD students have put in, so they want those types of people in certain positions. While some community colleges may allow you to teach with a Master’s degree, if you want to teach at the university level, you will need a PhD in your particular discipline. These days, you can even do an online PhD making it easier to find the time to work towards yours.

Become a Recognized Name in your Field

A second way that a PhD can further your career is that earning this degree will make you somewhat more well known in your field. This is because you will have to publish original research as part of the PhD degree program. Your colleagues and other respected people in your field will be able to read your research and know that you added vital information to your chosen field of study. This gets your name out and can open many doors for you in your career.

Builds Trust, and Brand Yourself as an Expert

A third way that earning a PhD can further your career is that you become an expert in your field of study. Once you complete your research and graduate, everyone will know that you have studied the philosophy of your field in depth and that you have the proper credentials to talk about your field. Your opinion will be respected and others will seek you out as a leader. You will be consulted on various topics because others feel that you can be trusted to give good advice. Once others see you in this leadership position, you are more likely to be considered for higher positions within your field.

Potentially Higher Earnings

A final way that a PhD might help you further your career is that you may be able to earn more money. You are probably not going to earn a lot more money by obtaining a PhD, so this should not be your sole reason for doing so. However, as you find yourself in leadership positions and make your way to higher, more respected positions, you will find that you also make more money in these positions. In addition, if you continue to write and publish research, articles, or books within your field, it is possible that you can earn more money from those endeavors. Others will pay to read your work when you are established as an expert in your field. You may also be able to earn extra money by working as a consultant in your field.

Earning a PhD can certainly help you further your career. Before you begin any PhD program, you should seriously consider the reasons why you want to earn the degree and ways you believe the degree can help you in your particular field.

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