The Importance Of Work Experience

work experienceIn this day and age, where jobs are as rare as hen’s teeth, work experience is an increasingly common benefit for potential employees to have. Many graduates find themselves coming out of university and entering work experience before even thinking about looking for employment. To many this may seem like an irritation, however the benefits of work experience for both employers and those undertaking it are vast.

On The Job Experience

Many people leave their highly theoretical courses with little understanding of the practical workplace in which they are entering. Work experience allows them to experience the reality of the career they may enter, in a warts and all sampling. This allows those undertaking to make up their mind whether they wish to pursue this path. It also allows them to develop their knowledge of the job. This is of thorough importance and can really be of equal importance to all the theoretical work they’ve undertaken. After all, if you want to know what something is like; then get up and live it.

Practical Experience

Work experience is also of significant importance as it gives you practical experience you can place on your CV. This experience can be a great benefit when you go looking for work and can swing a job in your favor. Those willing to undergo work experience, show drive to work in a certain profession, something those looking through applicant’s CVs will testify to. Having experience on your CV will put you ahead of a vast number of candidates who haven’t any and allow you greater opportunity to get an interview.


For many who get work experience, it turns into a job. Bosses in companies are always on the luck out for a rising star and work experience can be your chance to grab a foothold. By partaking in work experience and grabbing the opportunity with both hands, you can show you are indispensable and so, may be kept on when the placement is over. This opportunity is one that should be grasped with both hands and is of worthy note for those who are about to undertake the work.

Where To Get It

Persistence, professionalism and eagerness are the best ways to get work experience. Unfortunately, even getting experience in the current climate can be hard, and so quality is central. Look at papers, job sites on the Internet for both the industry and general work. Word of mouth can also be a great place to get work experience, as well as university tutors who have contacts in the industry. You may find that looking for and contacting a certain company’s HR department, or if smaller the management will allow you the chance to get work experience.

In many cases, this is where persistence pays off. Sending a generic email just won’t do. Show them you want it by doing some research on the company and sending in some examples of previous work, or experience you have had. Throw in a couple of good ideas and perhaps tell them what you will bring to the company, however, draw a fine line between confidence and arrogance when applying.

The benefits of work experience are enumerable and can aid you to land that job you want.

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