Five Key Factors In Writing A Killer Essay

writing a killer essayA “formula” for writing essays comes from school teachers early in your education. Remember? It consists of three basic parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Besides these basics are just a couple of tips to keep in mind; no magic, just a plan that makes logical sense.


It is always helpful to precede writing by spending productive time researching the topic. Interestingly, the more you know about your topic, the more you can actually enjoy writing about it; thereby making the flow of the communication easier to follow. As you organize your thoughts, use notecards, an outline, or notes to put the information in a logical order. This is what will keep you on track.


To begin, an attention-grabbing introduction needs to address the question, “Why should I read this?” Consider who will be reading your essay; who will be your audience. Your first paragraph should include the thesis statement. This is a statement that needs to address the purpose of the essay, posing the forthcoming issues.


As you focus on the plan you have for developing the points of the essay, remember the “rule” for an essay body is no less than three paragraphs. In addition, another guideline of writing says paragraphs will consist of at least three well-structured sentences, but enough sentences to fully cultivate your point. Keep in mind each individual paragraph of the body will focus on the various aspects of the thesis in an orderly fashion, not rambling, or “chasing rabbits.”

And please, please do take great care to use impeccable grammar and spelling. Besides the tools on your computer, there are many excellent free websites available to help.


Smooth transitions between paragraphs make an essay readable. These are connecting words, phrases, or thoughts that prevent jerkiness during the reading. Being able to communicate your thesis reasonably and believably is vital for a successful essay. Transitions contribute heavily to this.


As your paper draws to its close, read the essay aloud, and see if the thesis received thorough defense/support in the body. Reading the paper out loud is like a mirror, revealing easily remedied “rough edges” and errors. Correct all errors and make sure the essay appears in the designated format. Now reflect on the original purpose, bringing your well-researched information together as you report a confident conclusion.

It’s easy to write killer articles and essays when these guidelines become the way you initially think of the project. Grab those creative juices, and forge ahead to see how you can implement them. As a matter of fact even technical writers must have a plan!

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A killer essay happens when creativity meets writing accuracy. If you are new to writing for a wider audience consider reviewing English Grammar Rules and using a grammar checker.

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