How to Care for a Family and Go to School on a Budget

school on a budgetGoing back to college can be an excellent decision for single mothers. However, many single mothers often find themselves on a strict budget. Is it possible to go back to college while on a budget? Whether that means finding ways to cut expenses or taking your time, it can be done.

Let’s take a closer look at how to care for a family and go to school on a budget.

Find Ways to Cut Expenses

There are thousands of ways to cut expenses. While you may think that your expenses are as slim as they can be. There are ways to cut even more expenses. It may mean going to the salon less often, hanging your clothes out to dry rather than using the dryer, carefully monitoring the thermostat, or even cutting back on junk food. Regardless, there are ways to cut expenses so that you have more money to go to school.

Create a Budget and Stick to It

It’s important to have a budget and stick with it. Sit down and carefully consider the amount of money that comes in and what bills have to be paid, such as rent/mortgage, electricity, etc. Then look at the money you have left and carefully distribute it to the other expenses, such as groceries, household items, etc. Remember to also set aside money each week for savings.

Apply for Grants and Scholarships

There are so many grants and scholarships available for single mothers. You can fill out the FAFSA form and have it sent to the colleges of your choice. Once you choose a college, you can also visit the financial aid office for more information on scholarships. You can also search for scholarships through website such as and FastWeb.

Consider Online Courses

Online courses can actually be a great solution for those on a budget. Not only will you save money on transportation costs, but you’ll also have more time to work. Online courses allow you to go to school when it’s convenient for you.

Don’t Over-Stretch Your Time or Resources

Last, but not least, remember that you don’t have to go to school full-time. Many single mothers choose to take 3 or 4 classes each semester. This is great option because it gives you more time and, for those that can’t get financial aid, it is much more affordable.

Single mothers can benefit greatly by going back to college. However, you do need to be conscious of your budget. Chances are you’ll have to cut expenses and stick to a strict budget, but it will be worth it in the end.

About the Author:
Loralee Lawin is a mother of two teens and decided it was time to go to college and start a new career. She sought out grants for single mothers and other educational assistance programs and found a way to make her education affordable.

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