Is iTunes U The Future Of College Education?

itunes u future of college educationThere is an app available through iTunes that many Apple device users have previously overlooked. Have you tried iTunes U yet? If you haven’t, you might soon.

iTunes U is an incredible app that gives you access to free education content, including courses from Harvard, Yale, and hundreds of other prestigious universities all over the country. This concept alone seems outstanding and unbelievable.

You’re able to take a free college course? Yes, that’s right. While you won’t receive any credit at this time, the concept is enough to make educators’ and students’ heads spin with the possibilities. As Apple shifts more and more of its focus toward education, we may eventually see a drastically different climate of college education. Is iTunes U the future of the college experience?

What’s the Big Deal?

If you haven’t explored iTunes U, you should do so immediately. When you download the app, you have access to more than half a million higher education resources on your Apple device. You can view lectures, read books, watch videos, get class notes, and much more, all for free.

There are materials on almost every topic you can imagine. You can learn about business, the fine arts, science, philosophy, health, language, and so much more. And it’s free.

That concept can’t be stressed enough. ITunes U is an excellent way to expand your knowledge on any topic you can imagine. Whether you want to brush up on material related to your career, learn and study information related to a college class you’re taking, or you’re just interested in learning more about something, iTunes U can help.

And iTunes U will arrange all related class materials, such as syllabus, related textbooks, lecture video, and your own notes in one handy notebook. It’s easy to organize and access courses anytime, anywhere.

How Will It Help?

iTunes U has the potential to revolutionize college education. It was the goal of Steve Jobs to increase access to free education, and iTunes U is doing just that. Recently, Apple updated its e-reader app iBooks. With the second version, there are now interactive textbooks.

Interactive textbooks cost less than hardbacks, and they enhance the learning experience with video, 3D graphics, and more. As you browse interactive textbooks, you can highlight, add notes, and quickly get definitions or perform web searches to learn more about anything. With all of these great features combined, iTunes U will bring the ability to learn about college level topics to the masses.

The rising, huge cost of college education prevents many from receiving it. iTunes U makes it possible for absolutely anyone to have access to high quality education and learning materials.

The Future-Hopefully

More and more people will begin to take advantage of the learning opportunities that iTunes U provides, including more educators choosing to give people access to their courses. There are still many questions that exist regarding how iTunes U could be implemented in an entire school system, but for personal learning and advancement there is no better resource available.

iTunes U absolutely has the ability to change college education and make it available to all, regardless of prior education or income.

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