4 Simple Tips for Writing a Fantastic Essay

writing essay tipsWhether you’re writing a high school thesis or a college dissertation, writing an essay can be a stressful time. It needn’t be. These simple tips will both make your life easier and help you write a better, more detailed essay.

Make Notes

You don’t want to have to start from square one when starting your paper. Make sure everything you’ve learnt in the prior weeks has been properly noted and remembered. If you haven’t taken notes in class, it’s going to be hard work researching the topic thoroughly just before you need to start writing.

A skilful essay writer will know when to make notes and when not to – you don’t have to write down every single word you tutor says. But some key points will add instant depth to your essay – And you need to know what areas to focus on.

If you own the book you’re commenting on – then use a highligher pen. This makes it easy to re-visit those crucial passages when you come to start writing. Obviously, you shouldn’t do this with books from the library, but a pencil and post-it notes can do the trick.

Use a Number of Sources

You don’t want to focus all of your writing on one source. Whether it’s a book, or notes from your lectures, focussing on a single source rarely presents the whole picture. A large breadth of research builds a better essay.

Make sure you draw on research from a number of different viewpoints and present counter-arguments. The answer is not always black and white, and it’s ok to disagree with yourself. Academics like it when arguments from both sides of the spectrum are presented, so you don’t need to stick loyally to one side. It’s ok if in the end, the answer is not clear, as long as you make it clear how you came to that decision.

Don’t Plagiarise

Although at high school this might not be seen as very important, it’s good practice and will put you in good stead for your further studies. Plagiarism is a major no-no in the academic world. Make sure that whenever you include an argument that you read from another scholar, that it’s probably referenced. There are different types of referencing, such as footnotes or the Harvard style, and most institutions have their own preferences. Find out what type of referencing is popular with your tutors and follow their lead.

Proof Read

This might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t proof read their work. Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a break after you finish writing before you read it again, as some time away can give you a better perspective of what works well. You could also ask a friend or class-mate to have a look so you can get another person’s opinion on your work.

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