Writing Teaching Tools for Homeschoolers

teaching writingIf you homeschool your children, you know the challenges that are involved in effectively teaching your child the basic concepts of reading, writing, math, science, social studies and all the other various topics you need to educate them on.

Yes, the state does send you books and other educational pieces to help you teach these subjects, but sometimes you need other tools to help ensure your children get a good grasp of the concept.

One area that homeschoolers seem to have trouble with is teaching writing. There are so many factors of writing, including spelling, grammar and composition, that it can be difficult to know where to begin and what will work best. Using the following tools will help homeschoolers teach writing.

Educational DVDs and Videos

If the lesson is boring, children will lose focus, and your efforts to teach them how to write will be worthless. Children like to be entertained, and it’s important to reach them while also entertaining them. Using educational DVDs and videos can really help teach children how to write while also providing a sense of entertainment. They can relate to the characters and pay attention to the story while also taking in the information that is being shared on how to write.

There are plenty of educational movies that you can find on the Internet or through your local library, and they can really help a child understand certain writing elements.


Children learn through doing, so it’s important to give them workbooks to help them learn. Workbook pages usually don’t take much time, and they reinforce the lesson while challenging your child to demonstrate what they learned. Some workbook pages can be fun to do and may incorporate another activity into it, such as coloring.


Madlibs are a great tool to use to help children learn parts of speech. Children may have trouble learning the difference between adjectives and pronouns, and a Madlib can help them comprehend the difference. Not only will they be learning, but they will also have fun doing it.

Creative Writing

Children love to tell stories, and you should use this to your advantage when teaching children how to write. Let them write their own stories, and use their creations to show them what they excel at and what they need to improve on. This can also help you determine areas of weakness, and you can create lessons that focus more on these areas.

Children also learn the most effectively through trial and error, and creative writing enforces this concept. When you show a child what they have done wrong, it will help them recognize the issue and eliminate it in future writing pieces.

Though writing can be a challenging topic to teach since it incorporates so much, there are plenty of tools out there to help make the process easier on you and more enjoyable for your children. The less stressed you both are will result in better learning experience.

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Mark Weatherford is a high school English teacher and published author who loves to give advice about education. He is a lunatic about proper grammar usage and he often encourages his students and friends to proof their work with a grammar checker. He teaches grammar rules in his class but finds the kids could use some extra help with editing.

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