6 Things To Do In Summer Holidays

summer readingSummers are fun for everyone; people get to take a break from early mornings and have the luxury to sleep till noon, or actually get to have a proper breakfast or even better: breakfast in bed. But, if done the entire vacation, sleeping all day will not remain a luxury and will get quite monotonous. Thus, doing fun activities, if going on a vacation is not on the agenda, can be a lot of fun. Summer activities will not only hone your skills but it might also give you one talent which you may retain for the rest of your life. So go ahead, get talented and indulge in the following “must-to-in-summer” activities:


Catch up on all the books you have not been able to read because of horrible homework. Especially if you are a fan of a book series (except the Twilight series, please don’t insult books like that). If you don’t read or find them boring, then the time to change has come my friend. Inculcate the habit, pick out the right, age appropriate book for yourself and read away to glory. It will also help you in school/college where you show off your awesome vocab, which you have picked up from the books, to everyone. You might just get a superiority complex and people might start finding you annoying, but that’s better than being sad and bookless.

Learn Golf

Playing football, cricket or throw-ball by the beach is cool but regular. Be different this summer, sign up for golf lessons. Golf is one of the best sports one can learn from a young age and play well into his/her twilight years. Firstly, the chance to play in never ending grass courts which have no visible boundaries is a chance to be grabbed by both hands. Secondly, to play golf you don’t need a buff body or a height above 6ft; it can be played and mastered by anyone with enough focus and determination. Thirdly, and the best point of it all is that it is a game which can be easily played with the entire family. There is no added advantage of men being physically stronger, hence better at the game, if the grandma is focused, she can beat the entire family. Which other sport gives such an opportunity?


Summer time is not only about activities, you finally get the time to relax and spend time on yourself. Go shop to your heart’s content or check into a spa for a day to pamper yourself from top to bottom. If you just want to stay put at home, then you can also recreate a spa by just adding aroma scented candles and fixing a bubble bath for yourself. During holidays you will finally get to take baths which last longer than 10 minutes, so make full use of it. Play those video games you haven’t had the time for, basically enjoy the “me time” you have always craved.


Either with family or friends, going for picnics has never been a boring thing to do. What stops you then? Call everybody, make a plan and set off, even if it’s just a nearby park. Pack all your favourite foods, fruits, candies and fresh fruit juices or cola (if you are above 18, then a bottle of chilled wine will work wonders) and enjoy the outdoors. Don’t forget the ball and the boomerang and Monopoly, of course.

Summer Parties

Whether you have a pool, a garden or just a humble terrace, good parties can be thrown anywhere if you have the heart to do so. Bring out the barbeque, learn how to make simple finger foods and call all your friends over. Check out simple cocktail recipes on Pinterest or other websites and force your friends to drink AND appreciate them. If your friends’ parents allow, then you can also throw a slumber party, which is basically the best way to pass summer vacations. Your parents might be happy organising because at least in this way you might learn basic cooking and you will be mighty pleased when you learn how to fix drinks, which will basically “up” your popularity stakes like a rocket.

Help Around

Whether it is signing up as a volunteer for shelters or joining any NGO which deals with charity in the cause you believe in, you should take it up. Helping in a cause you want to make difference in, will help you in each and every way. Such experiences change you as a person, for the better, and such organisations always need help from young and eager people. Hence go ahead, make yourself count. Follow these tips during summer vacations and you will never feel sad for not going out of the country for holidays, ever again.

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Harvey Tyson is a trainer at JP Golf, a Golf training academy which offers golf lessons in Melbourne. He is very passionate about sports and he enjoys sharing valuable fitness tips through his articles.

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