Best Summer Camp Activities For Elementary Kids

camp activitiesOutdoor experiences are very important for your child’s development. It provides your child with the opportunity to explore the world around and get some much needed fresh air.

Summer camp activities for kids are tailored to help children safely explore and spend time with their friends while under the supervision of caring staff. These activities are not just fun but they also provide life long memories for the children while they develop skills such as independence, leadership, confidence and even environmental awareness. The benefits are not easily measured as they are far reaching.

While at summer camp, most parents worry about what their children are doing. Here is a list of common activities for kids while at summer camp.

Scavenger hunts.

These will activate children’s keen observing power and they will learn how to collect information and then to process it for a desirable result.

Challenging activities.

These are team building activities such as rope climbing or wall climbing. These activities are a great way to build a sense of community and help the children feel like they belong.


This is a great way to revive the love of nature while learning about it. You are sure to find something new or interesting to learn about on the way.

Arts and crafts.

This is an easy way to include those children who are more creative than they are “outdoorsy”. It is also a good way to wind down and relax after a long day of play. Incorporating dance and drama will also add some fun while helping to build talent or interests.

The trust walk.

Children learn the value and importance of trusting each other using this simple activity. A line will be tied together she’s blindfolded then one child hovers them directions of how to navigate the obstacle course set before them. Not only do the blindfolded ones learn how to listen, but the guide learns how to communicate effectively.

Cabin camp outs or sleep overs.

Sleeping under the stars will be a thrill for every camper. You can have them cook their own food and after dinner have them watch the stars and learn about the constellations. Learning in a fun and relaxed environment is what summer camps are all about.

Hold a carnival or festival.

Usually at the end of the summer, most camps will organize a fun packed day where the kids can show off their new skills. Start off with some face painting, water fights, water-balloon tossing, egg races or scavenger hunts. This could then leads up to some swimming followed by a play or dance that ends by the fire side where the children and camp counsellors can share stories and memories. This would definitely be a great way to end a one of a kind experience.

There are several other activities that your kids can participate in depending the nature of the camp. The summer camp activities available for kids are numerous. There are hundreds of educational summer camps for kids and it takes only a little effort to find them. Summer camps are a lot more exciting than being home and your child will thank you for it.

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