The Significance of Outdoor Activities for Kids

outdoor kidsOutdoor activities for kids may be viewed by some people as mere manifestations of restlessness and hyperactivity. But for parents and teachers, they significantly contribute to children’s growth and skill development. Though effective learning takes place within the confines of the four-walled classrooms, there are still more in store for kids out in the sun.

Authentic Learning

Children increase their learning if they are exposed to real flowers, if they see flying butterflies and if they can touch rocks with their own hands.This type of learning is more authentic because they discover simple things in their natural environment. When learning is based on experience, it is easier for them to recall and value the information.

Physical Development

Like adults, children should have the right amount of physical exercise and stimulation. One creative way of addressing this need is through activities at the park, school ground and yard.

Running, for instance, help them develop endurance and strength, two abilities that can tap their athletic potentials. Observing ants walking around the tree trunk is an opportunity for them to firmly grip the magnifying glass while increasing their love for science. Outdoor learning, therefore, is like hitting two birds at the same time.

Social Skills

Children learn to be more interactive when they play outside with their friends. Through games, they learn the act of sharing, compromising and cooperation. Playing catch lets them appreciate the value of taking turns. Tug-of-war brings in the idea of teamwork.

Social skills are essential for problem solving, anger management and building relationships in adulthood. This is the chief reason why kids must develop and nurture them as early as possible.

Most of all, spending time outdoors is a perfect chance for children to behave like the way they want to. Their movement in open areas are freer, braver and more exploratory. They can run, jump, twirl and roll to their heart’s content – bits of experience that must not be taken away from them.

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