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get creativeTeenagers. It’s easier to tame wild tigers than get their attention sometimes, especially when it comes to school workshops! And yet, teens are some of the most creative individuals out there, with fresh new ideas and often inventive perspectives. One of the best ways to encourage self-expression and participation is to stimulate this creativity. With that in mind, here are some great workshop ideas designed specifically for 14-16 year olds:

Fashion Flair?

How about fashion workshops? Get students to customise jeans, trainers or t-shirts with a range of materials and techniques, to showcase their individuality and learn new skills which could well become valuable in future careers. With opportunities to put on their own catwalk show at the end to showcase their final pieces, this kind of workshop encourages teens to work towards something constructive and to put their creative energies to good use.

Drum up some interest

For those teens with a musical passion, drumming workshops with traditional African drummers can really encourage participation and get kids going. They can learn new patterns, solos or breaks in order to create a show stopping final performance. Stimulating and engaging, these workshops can caters for all skill levels and are a great icebreaker for those who struggle with group activities.

Picture Perfect

A photography workshop is a great way to encourage the exploration of a whole new avenue in self expression, not to mention the development of a new technical skill. Why not get students to create a photographic portrait of themselves, or each other? Encouraging self-reflection and an engagement in the world around us, theseworkshops promise fun and creativity.

Getting Dramatic

Cultivating self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as encouraging new communication skills, a drama workshop provides a fun and relaxed environment in which students can explore different issues and devise their own acting scenes. With a strong focus on working within a team to produce an end product, students could be encouraged to research their favourite actor/ actress or attend a film festival. Getting teens involved in peer to peer encouragement and stimulating their creativity, dramatic workshops are a great way to help teens develop and understand varying opinions and beliefs.

Raising the self-confidence and self-awareness of young people, workshops are a brilliant way to bring groups together and improve communication skills. Students will leave feeling as though they have learnt something new and have enjoyed the learning process.

About The Author:
From South Devon and studying English Literature in her second year, Tessa Pillar’s main interest lies in writing. She also enjoys socialising with friends when she can find the time outside of studying and writing. Here she is writing for Street Style Surgury, who offer fun, creative workshops for young people.

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