Writing a Letter for Mother’s Day

letter for mothersImagine a mother’s reaction when she gets a thoughtful letter from her child. That pure bliss you see on her face can be a great motivation for you to encourage your students to scribble some notes for the woman behind their dreams on Mother’s Day.

If you’re considering this idea, here are four tips you can share to your class.

Use Some Fancy Paper

Mothers won’t mind the paper your students will write on at all. Even a sincere message on a slightly crumpled page torn from a notebook will be much appreciated. However, it will be more heartwarming if they use some lovely yet affordable stationery paper they can buy at a nearby shop.

Better yet, if they’re willing to squeeze their creative juices, they can make her a handmade card or a unique scrapbook. Each second of effort will make her feel extra special.

Communicate Gratefulness

Some of your students might find it difficult to draft their message for their mother. If they need some ideas on what to say, suggest writing about gratefulness.

Many mothers feel they’re not appreciated for the ordinary chores they accomplish like cooking, washing clothes or making lunchboxes. Ask your students to note that they value their mother’s love and contribution to the family.


For artistically gifted students, they can convey their message with or in the form of doodles. A mother getting a work of art from her child won’t only be pleased because of the exerted effort; it will also make her proud that her offspring knows the concept of colors, lines and art.

Besides, a drawing is really fun and interesting to look at. Mothers can frame and post it in the house if they wish so.

Insert Petals

Jostein Gaarder in her book, The Christmas Mystery said that “Flowers were part of the glory of heaven that had strayed down on earth.” Won’t it be a good idea to let mothers feel that glory?

Tell your class that inserting dried, fresh or scented petals in the letter will trigger warmer, lighter and more positive emotions. If they have extra coins in their pocket, you can also encourage them to buy a stem or a basket of wonderful flowers.

The most important tip you can share to your students is to write their letter with utmost sincerity. Let the words and effort spring from their heart and everything will be just perfect.

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