Skills and Attributes Of a Good Teacher

teachers do it allTeachers have always had to wear many different hats. From storyteller to manager, our everyday skills cross over into so many very different areas.

Here are just some of the skills and attributes of a good teacher.

We teachers are the manager in our classes for we hold the responsibility of peace and order in each of our respective classrooms.

Interior Designer
Who says we can’t design how our rooms look like? Well teachers are the ones who choose what to put up and display. Materials that aid learning as well as showing the work of the children.

Teachers are great singers from greetings to the weather, the calendar, even attendance and dismissal time.

Together with being a great singer, teachers also know how to move and shake that body from finger plays, action songs, down to music and movement time.

Guidance Counselor
If anything happens inside the classroom, who is the first person who moderates, helps and settle things down?

It is of course the teacher, may it be an incident or conflict with the children, or family problems experienced by the kids that would affect their learning.

Art Teacher
We help the children express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas creatively and in an artistic manner.

The teacher also provides engaging and fun activities that stimulate learning.

Story Teller
Children just love stories and telling a story is just one of the many duties that teachers enjoy providing for their class.

There are far more skills and attributes of a good teacher. Skills that teachers have and are capable of doing even if they themselves are not consciously aware of them. May it be mentioned or not Teachers will always have ‘it’.