About Lemelyn

I am a Graduate with a Bachelor of Elementary Education degree with a major in Preschool/Early Childhood. I also have certificates from seminars that enriched my skills and abilities as a Preschool teacher; to name some Story Telling, Training and Workshop (2009), Classroom Management and Behavior Modification & Reading in Multilingual Class (2011), and Creative Crafts and Story Telling for Filipino Children (2011).

I have had an experience of 1 year teaching 4-6 years old children in a Private Preschool and a Public Preschool. As well as Teaching demos during my lower years in College.

I have an experience in tutoring in the past, emphasizing on EFL and ESL to Korean adults & kids.

I am fond of writing articles may it be pen and paper, or typing in a word processor. But I prefer writing with pen and a paper.

I always love supplies/stuff especially those that are cute, colorful and of course useful.

I like kids which is why perhaps I chose being a teacher, majoring in the early years because children always have a special place in my heart.

More about me: