How to Make Educational Flash Cards For Your Child Or Yourself

how to make educational flashcardsFlashcards are a valuable learning tool whether you’re teaching your young child the alphabet or if you’re cramming for college exams.

Flashcards make learning more enjoyable and they help your memory, both of which go a long way to helping you or your child retain important information. Luckily, making your own flashcards is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • First, determine what’s going to go on your flashcards. If you’re making flashcards for your child this may include letters, numbers, colors, and/or pictures of animals, plants, and so on. For older students, this could include foreign words and phrases, legal terminology, and/or science and math information.
  • Turn on your computer and open up a word processing program like MS Word. The program probably has a template for cards. If it does, go ahead and use it. You can also adjust the margins of a regular page so that they’re the right size for your flashcards. For example, if you want to create flashcards that are 4” x 6”, adjust the margins accordingly.
  • Type up your flashcards and insert pictures as necessary. Make sure you use a font that’s easy to read. (A sans serif font is usually a good choice.) Color will add more visual interest to your flashcards but you don’t need to go overboard designing them. The flashcards should be as uncluttered as possible.
  • After you’ve created your flashcards, print them out and turn on your pouch laminator. While the pouch laminator is warming up, trim the cards if necessary. (You will definitely need to do this if there is more than one flashcard on a page.) Place each card in a laminating pouch that is large enough to fully encapsulate it. There should be a thin border of laminating film around each card.
  • When your pouch laminator has warmed up, place one of the flashcards in the machine’s feed opening. The folded edge of the pouch needs to go in first. After the laminated flashcard has exited the machine, laminate the next one. Be careful not to overlap the flashcards. If you do, they won’t be properly laminated. When you’re done, let the laminated flashcards cool off and turn off your laminator.
  • Now that your flashcards are made, you can begin using them. Have fun!

As you can see, it’s easy to make your own flashcards. Try making your own today so you or your child will have an easier time learning. Good luck!

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