5 Great Maths Websites for Kids

great maths websitesEvery child needs to take math classes. Whether your child loves math or needs a little extra help, there are websites all over the Internet that can help children learn new math skills or improve old ones.

From beginners to intermediate skill levels, the following websites use an array of tactics in order to help children learn and succeed in math.

1. Ask Dr. Math

From elementary to college students, Ask Dr. Math is a great resource for students of all ages who have math questions. Your child can search the website for detailed information on frequently asked math questions, and if they can’t find what they’re looking for, they can even ask Dr. Math themselves.

If your child wants to take Dr. Math off the computer, they can even purchase the books directly from the website.

2. Brain Bashers

If your child likes math questions and puzzles, Brain Bashers is a great website for them to visit. Everything from sudoku to illusions to logic games can be accessed on the website. Your child can even answer the question of the week (if it’s math related) and use the other fun features on the site for all of their math needs.

Just beware that Brain Bashers doesn’t contain only math-related information, so they’ll have to use the designated tab in order to get what they’re looking for.

3. Figure This!

Figure This contains a great deal of math challenges that your child can use to increase their skills. The site contains questions on all types of math questions, from algebra to statistics and everything in between. The questions asked are updated on a regular basis, so there is no way that your child will ever receive the same questions on multiple occasions. The site also contains resources for parents too, making the site great for the entire family.

If your child really likes the site and the information it has to offer, they can even opt to purchase the CDs.

4. Math Goodies

If you’re looking for interactive lessons or worksheets for your child, Math Goodies is the place to go. Children can learn math strategies or even receive help from tutors. The website even contains calculators and message boards to help your child succeed. As an added bonus, your child can even sign up to receive newsletters for added tricks and tips.

The site has resources for students, teachers and parents, so everyone involved in a child’s education can easily participate in their learning.

5. A+ Math

A+ Math allows students to learn math skills while being interactive. From flashcards to interactive games, there are plenty of ways that students can learn math while having fun.

The website even has a Homework Helper feature as well as worksheets for added help.

A+ Math can help any math student, from beginner to advanced, and it can help improve math skills through a large variety of games.

So if your child is having difficulty with math, or if they just want to continue learning, these are five great websites that can provide a great deal of education with a little bit of fun.

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