Helpful Language Arts Sites For Kids

language arts sitesKids these days are very eager and excited about using computers.

So rather than resist, why not give them the privilege of doing so? Why not make use of this potential energy and feed their interest with some great language arts sites for kids?

It can be a very good source of learning, and at the same time kids have a lot of fun.

My Favourite Language Arts Sites For Kids

Choices are pretty much bountiful, but here’s a few of my favourite language arts sites. Check out some of these games online where children get to learn language arts through interactive and engaging fun.

Sites like these are an excellent resource for practicing recent lessons that are taken, as review material on the previous lessons, a way of doing advance study, or as a token after doing good things like getting their homework done.

It is highly recommended that whenever possible for you to join in with them – you might find you enjoy it too! But always before letting them play alone, make sure you have properly checked the games over first.

As the saying goes “Learning is fun so have fun in learning!”

1. Silly Sentence Machine

Suited for kids in Kinder through year 3. The game reads the sentence aloud to you after you have selected a subject, verb, descriptive word, noun, and a prepositional phrase.

It is an enjoyable way of introducing sentence building skills.

2. Primary Games

Various word games of all kinds! There is vocabulary, typing, spelling as well as general word play.

Suited for children from Kinder to Year 6.

3. Into the Book

A resource for reading comprehension suited for children Kinder to Year 4.

It is a good resource for teachers as well.

This site uses an 8 research-based strategies to focus on  providing information and teaching resources.

4. Game Classroom

Provides games in all areas of language arts: reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary.

Suited for Kinder to Year 6.

More Language Arts Sites For Kids?

These sites will definitely be a big hit for your child’s learning.

But there are tons more language arts sites for kids out there, just waiting to be checked and explored. If you have any favourites, please do share them with us below.

Have fun playing and learning!

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