Make Everyday an Earth Day

earth dayEarth day is Celebrated once a year — on April 22. But is being kind to our beloved Earth and paying respect a once-a-year event only?

Of course not! We can teach our kiddos simple how to’s and help them take care of the planet we live in; not only for a day but for each and every day.


recyclingAsk the kids to help out in putting together and organizing used glass, plastic, aluminum bottles and containers in different bins for recycling.

It can also be a good activity of sorting and comparing things such as glass, plastic and aluminum.

You can also ask them to keep old newspapers together in one container. Afterwards, you can then drop the items off to a waste management company/facility.

In this way, kids get to learn the importance of recycling and how it can benefit our mother Earth.


Kids CompostingInstead of adding to the volume of materials sent to landfills, ask your kids to help out by placing food and yard scraps in a compost bin. You could build a heap without a bin, but a fairly cheap bin from garden stores or nurseries will look neater and likely be more accepted.

In this way, you can also now also produce valuable fertilizer for trees or garden areas.

Beyond Recycling

We may not be aware of it, but some if not most of our “junk” could be other people’s treasure.

Some organizations such as libraries, daycares, elementary and preschools are in dire need of arts and crafts materials.

Instead of throwing, we can donate them items like empty milk jugs, styrofoam, containers from ice cream or instant noodle cups, egg cartoons, old CD’s, magazines and newspapers, empty paper towel tubes, old fabric and many more.

But do make sure they are clean before attempting to donate them.

Efficient Way of Shopping

eco bagsInstead of having a lot of bags around, when shopping you can ask assistance from your kids. And you can each carry around an eco-bag/canvas bag. Of course they can carry the lighter and less delicate items.

You can also assign them as ‘runners’, to help you find products. It’s fun for them, and quicker for you.

Let them look out for products that have a recycle logo on it too (the one that looks like a triangle of arrows chasing each other), meaning they are made from recycled materials or packaged in recyclable containers.

Walk your Talk

Set an example to children in the best way possible to show respect for our planet. Let your actions be emulated by them like:-

  • Don’t let the tap run while bushing one’s teeth.
  • Turn off the lights when leaving a room.
  • Do not litter.
  • Don’t just throw away things that are recyclable.

Not only it’s an enjoyable activity to do together but it makes mother Earth happy as well.

So don’t forget make everyday an Earth day!

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