Global Citizenship Education – NZ Model UN Teachers’ Workshop

global citizenship education“We are all staring at the same moon in the sky.”

Figuratively speaking, the line above is the main purpose of integrating global citizenship education in the academic world. Everyone, regardless of race, religion and group, lives in one big community based on absolute values.

Because of this worldwide interconnection, students are encouraged to appreciate world history, understand international relations, learn foreign languages and fully accept cultural

NZ Model UN Teachers’ Workshop

New Zealand’s educational curriculum has been geared up to this direction. In fact, on the 7th of July 2012, a professional development initiative called NZ Model UN Teachers’ Workshop will be held at Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn Campus in conjunction with the premier Model UN conference for high school students, NZ Model UN.

On this one-day event, teachers will participate in three interactive global citizenship education workshops. Namely Encouraging Youth Engagement and Participation, Model UN in the Classroom and Preparing Delegates for Model UNs.

To make the learning more authentic for the participants, they will be given the opportunity to observe delegates at NZ Model UN, interact with NGO representatives and network with other teachers during dinnertime.

NZ Model UN

NZ Model UN is a way of preparing the young New Zealanders in facing the demands of working together in the 21st century.

In this simulation, students act as diplomats representing a nation and based on their intensive research, they discuss, deliberate and debate on matters related to foreign policies and resolutions. At the end of the session, the delegates think of the best solutions for their country’s issues at hand.

Through the learning experiences of students, they will realize that each nation has a different set of values. They will also develop the ability to express their own beliefs, empathize with other people’s priorities and agree on solutions that arise from differences in values.

With the NZ Model UN Teachers’ Workshop, teachers will be equipped to train their students for this annual activity. High school students definitely need to be backed up with guidance, inspiration and motivation from their school leaders.

But the best thing about the workshop is that teachers will acquire the capability to furnish their entire class with knowledge and skills on how to integrate global citizenship in everyday life. This is a critical responsibility since this campaign isn’t only for the eloquent students. Multicultural awareness should be everyone’s goal.

If you wish to register or have any further questions, please visit the UN Youth site. Registration is open to all secondary school teachers in New Zealand, and you can email to register.

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