Teaching: Efficient or Effective?

efficient effective teachingIf I were asked about teaching between being efficient or being effective I would say both.

Why? In teaching, it primarily requires certain skills that one must possess to be able to face the high demands of whether to be an efficient teacher or an effective teacher.

There will always be challenges in store for us educators, so it is mainly our responsibility to have a bag of tricks ready for use in times of some kinks in our plan – to still be able to meet our objectives and goals at the same time.

Often times than not, these two significant terms have been highly misused and confused with each other.

Being Efficient

As a facilitator of learning, we must keep with us the attitude of being efficient. Why?

We deal with a job that can be enormously unpredictable, which can lead to worries, frustrations and a lot of stress.

Efficiency is a way of getting rid of all the stress. We need to be efficient for us to be able to make use of the time and resources available. Through this attitude, the class can get the most out of their studies.

Being Effective

In our line of work, we must also be an effective teacher to our class. Long before we start teaching, we plan lessons, fun and engaging activities and what not.

We need to have the capacities of producing desired results, accomplishing a purpose, and meeting goals and plans, etc. which basically are the demands for educators like us.

Never ever think twice and do not be confused as to which should be followed, because both efficient and effective can be really rewarding – and both are the right choice in teaching.

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